Designer Style: Katie’s Ladder Shelves

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I am back again! With the cold weather here, I have started to focus my efforts on the inside. One place I really wanted to have fun with was my ladder shelves. They came from a local thrift store, Encore Thrift Store, whose mission I strongly value and spread any chance I get. Encore Thrift Store is operated by Hope Ministries. As a company, we also love any time that we can donate some of our old furniture. One person’s loss is my gain! Like many of the pieces in my apartment, they aren’t perfect, but they’re exactly what I need!


I used my knowledge from interior design and home staging on visual balance, but used my own pieces to make it unique to me! The first items I knew I had to include were my books. The second had to be many frames. I definitely love to read! I just wish I had more time to do so. Friends and family are also extremely important to me, as I am sure yours are to many of you! Pictures are reminders of fun times together. Even as we all grow up and move apart, I can still feel them close to me.

Along with my assortment of books, comes my growing collection of movies. I am by no means a movie buff, but enjoy watching when I get a chance. I found out all of my DVD’s and VHS’s fit perfectly in Thirty-One’s “Your Way Rectangle” bins. My consultant, Bobbi, is wonderful! She always finds the perfect option when I need something, but never shoves her product down your throat. She definitely has a returning customer here.

The last few items accessories are miscellaneous items that I either already had or from friends and family. (Using things that I already had access to kept costs down on small things that can really add up if you buy new.) Finally came my TV stand from Slumberland. The associate from the Ankeny Slumberland, was amazingly patient with me. He walked around the entire showroom with me so he could answer all the questions I had about pieces I saw. Trust me, even with being a designer, I end up having questions myself! In the end, I had a complete entertainment area that wasn’t big and bulky, but reflected who I am.