Katie’s Corner – Staging From All Four Corners

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During the staging process we are constantly thinking about the end result. How is this piece of furniture going to tie into the function of the space? Will this window treatment keep the room light and bright? There are many principles of design to keep in mind. To start stand in each corner and locate the best feature of the …

How to Make Your Home Stand Out During a Virtual Tour

Elizabeth Erin Designs How To

The real estate industry has been shifting to a digital landscape over the years, but no one expected the digital revolution to happen so quickly. We’re seeing the effects of COVID-19 on the US housing market, stay-at-home orders have brought most traditional open houses to a temporary halt, and in-person showings few and far between. But if you’re looking to sell your …

Katie’s Corner : Overcoming Problem Spaces

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When it comes to occupied properties, some rooms and spaces are trickier to stage than others. Such as: mudrooms, kitchens and closets. When in doubt, keep it clean and simple. Buyers are just like you, they understand that we all own a lot of “stuff.” They just don’t want to imagine YOUR stuff in THEIR new home.   Mudrooms are …

How To : Create Your Ideal Work Environment

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Have you been looking around your work space wondering, “how could I set up a more functional office space, make my workspace safe and healthy, AND make sure I am taking care of my self while I am in my office (wherever that may be these days)?” With some adjustments within your physical work space and your workspace mentally, you …

Our Favorite Shelfie Moments

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Styling shelves can be an intimidating process and the rulebook is a mile long for all the in’s and out’s. While there are do’s and don’ts, there are also a multitude of avenues to styling the perfect shelf. Here are five very different examples of ways we LOVE to style our shelves. Do you have a preference on how you …

Our Favorite Mirrors and Why You Should Be Using Them

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Mirrors are a beautiful piece of artwork, but they’re slightly under appreciated. This is why they’re the perfect addition to your wall space: Mirrors add depth to a room that may appear smaller than you’d like. Mirrors are an added “light” element when sunlight or your ceiling lights bounce off of it. Mirrors are a great layering piece on a …

EED’s Best Blog Posts

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You’ve read and the numbers are in. Here are some of our highest performing blog posts! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the posts that you all have deemed the best! https://www.elizabetherindesigns.com/craft-room-ideas/ https://www.elizabetherindesigns.com/neutral-paint-colors-we-swear-by-sherwin-williams/ https://www.elizabetherindesigns.com/woodside-estates-remodel-the-first-option-isnt-always-the-best-option/ https://www.elizabetherindesigns.com/lets-chat-command-centers/ https://www.elizabetherindesigns.com/virtual-staging-what-is-it/

Paint Like A Pro While Social Distancing

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While you’re stuck at home being the responsible citizen you are, you might as well use your time “off” to your benefit. There’s no better time than to refresh your home with new paint! Place your orders online or on the phone and with a quick pick up, you’ll be ready to tackle any space in your home. Here are …

New Year, Five Home Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

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Welcome, 2020! The start of a new decade. Dang! We all know how exhausting, or rather, how breakable, new year resolutions can be. Most times they don’t even last through the second day of January! What about giving up the typical “resolutions?” What about creating resolutions for your home? It can be a crazy time of the year with the …

How to Create a Calming Home with your 5 Senses

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The last thing you probably want to do after a long day at work, where you busted your booty all day long, is to come home to a hectic, crazy household, right? Your home should serve as a retreat when you open the door after being away. And if it’s not, that craziness that occurred during the day will more …