Bold Tile Designs

Jodi Peterman Fresh Finds, New Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Looking for a new way to spice up your design? Forget a new sofa or table, and consider using a tile. Bold tile designs can be achieved through multiple techniques, such as: pattern, texture, color, or even the layering of multiple tiles.

One option could be as simple as picking a bright color. This is a chance to get your toes wet without jumping in with a full pattern. Additionally, you could play with the color of the grout to either hide or accentuate the construction of the tile.


Texture is another great way to add something extra to your tile choice. Above you can see these geometric tiles that  gives the user’s eyes something else to get “caught up” on and keep them interested in your space.


One final idea is to layer multiple different types of tile. They all play off each other and compliment one another in order to create a cohesive space.

We hope this gave you some new ways of thinking about tile. Now go out and let your brain be as creative as possible. Also, feel free to contact us to help you design your next tiled space!