Currently Trending : Quarantine Kitchen Trends That Wow

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Since this great quarantine has started, many people are spending a lot of time in the kitchen and figuring out what they want in their space. Sully Weissman, of Thermador, gave us the run down of what people are wanting in their kitchens, and what designers can do to help. Bold colors are IN! Muted pink, deep emerald green, and …

Jodi’s Current Design Inspirations

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I generally obtain my inspiration from my travels, what I am seeing in fashion, real-estate and experiences.  Since travel has been halted due to recent events, I have been forced to think outside my normal box.  Recently I have been getting inspiration from my local travels – walks in nature, my conversations with clients, and other designers that are coming …

Open For Business

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Choose To Be Like Water Deciding to re-open Elizabeth Erin Designs, surviving in an unstable world, has provoked a lot of thought.  It has forced us to look at every facet of the way we conduct busies and focus on the two things we know about crises.  You can choose to be rigid like wood or you can choose to …

Our Favorite Shelfie Moments

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Styling shelves can be an intimidating process and the rulebook is a mile long for all the in’s and out’s. While there are do’s and don’ts, there are also a multitude of avenues to styling the perfect shelf. Here are five very different examples of ways we LOVE to style our shelves. Do you have a preference on how you …

Our Favorite Mirrors and Why You Should Be Using Them

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Mirrors are a beautiful piece of artwork, but they’re slightly under appreciated. This is why they’re the perfect addition to your wall space: Mirrors add depth to a room that may appear smaller than you’d like. Mirrors are an added “light” element when sunlight or your ceiling lights bounce off of it. Mirrors are a great layering piece on a …

EED’s Best Blog Posts

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You’ve read and the numbers are in. Here are some of our highest performing blog posts! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the posts that you all have deemed the best!

Paint Like A Pro While Social Distancing

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While you’re stuck at home being the responsible citizen you are, you might as well use your time “off” to your benefit. There’s no better time than to refresh your home with new paint! Place your orders online or on the phone and with a quick pick up, you’ll be ready to tackle any space in your home. Here are …

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Staging Company when Selling your Home

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First and foremost, to SELL! Our goal in working with you is to assist in selling your property. We strive to show each property in its best light, highlighting the property’s characteristics. Ex: built-ins, crown molding, vaulted ceilings, etc. Our goal isn’t to create the next best design, though we do still do our best to accomplish this. It is …

5 Ways to Spruce Up a Commercial Entryway

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Whether you’re starting a new business or looking for ways to improve an existing company’s curb appeal, your entryway is literally the first point of physical contact with your customer and your opportunity to create the best first impression.  A thoughtful and well-designed entryway speaks to your company’s commitment to professionalism, acts as a point of brand marketing, reveals your …

The thing NO ONE wants to Address : Spring Cleaning

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Spring is literally weeks away! WHAAAAATTT?! Weren’t we just celebrating the New Year, like, yesterday?! Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited! Once the end of January hit, I was already sick of the snow and sloppiness. Grossness. Spring to me means melting snow, thunderstorms, leaves budding from trees, and the sweet songs from the birds who have spent all winter down …