Basement Bar

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Are you wanting to transform your basement? Create a great new space to entertain? Or a great place for a man cave? Well you’re in luck, you have come to the right place! This week we are going to look at some great basement bar ideas for large and small spaces. So whether you have a huge area to transform or only have the nook under your stairs, well this post is for you! We have it all here and are ready to share! So let’s take a look at what we found and see what could work for you?

Let’s start small and we will work our way up! Why yes, every place is the perfect place to put in a small beverage station/bar! They have places for your glasses, wine bottles, and a mini fridge for your cold drinks! It is the perfect little nook for that bar you’ve always wanted!

Have a little bit more room? Check out these medium sized bars that are to die for! These are amazing examples of well executed looking spaces, no matter the layout or style of home. They could all be the perfect fit for your home!


Wanting to transform an even bigger space? Well you’re in luck because we have some of those too! These are going all out, some even have themes! Three great spaces all with a large bar area and a ton of room if that’s what you’re looking for! This would be quite the transformation for your space if you are wanting something big and new!

Well these are our suggestions for different basement bar areas and we hope you enjoyed looking through them as much as we did! There are so many options and so many fun things to do with them! If you are wanting to transform your basement, be sure to give us a call!