Simple and Easy Patriotic Centerpiece Ideas!

Jodi Peterman DIY's, Holidays

The Fourth of July is creeping upon us! Do you have any fun plans? Ours will more than likely include time with family and friends, water time, and, of course, fireworks! If you’re planning a party for your family and friends, you’re probably needing some ideas for your centerpieces, right?! We did some looking around for some simple, easy, and classy centerpieces for the holiday that we know you’ll enjoy!

Jars and Flowers

Using jars as centerpieces is a timeless look for any party. To dress up the jars you might  have laying around the house, craft paint works really well on glass jars. I would say to let the paint dry for at least an hour. You may need more than one coat of paint to cover. To give the paint a rustic look, gently rub sand paper or a sand paper sponge across the surface. A great way to be able to reuse the jars after a celebration is to leave them unpainted and only use ribbon or twine to dress the jars up, which is super easy to do. Another fun way to make the jars patriotic is to add food coloring to the water if you’re using white flowers like the image shows in the bottom left corner here. If you have jars left over, using them to put eating utensils in would be a great idea! If flowers aren’t your thing, you can add miniature flags or candles to the jars, too!



Red, White, and Blue Wrapped Candy

Here we have another super fun idea! Make a bouquet of red and blue suckers for a real crowd pleaser! Or if suckers aren’t your thing, but you still like the use of the tin bucket, add some ride, white, or blue flowers to it – still fun and beautiful!






Paper Chain Links

If you have kiddos in your household that love being involved with what you do, creating paper chain links could be a great idea for you! Just gather all of the materials: blue, red, and white paper, scissors, and tape or glue. The chains could be hung like shown in this photo, or they can be placed like a table runner.





There’s so many ideas out there, but we hope this narrowed it down for you! Like the title describes, these are all super simple and easy ideas for your patriotic centerpieces. Have a wonderful and safe holiday!