Out with Camping, in with Glamping!

Jodi Peterman New Ideas, Outside, Seasonal

So picture this: it’s a the dog days of summer; it’s super hot and sticky and everyone is grumpy. You’re supposed to go camping with some friends or family over the weekend in a tent of all things, where heat gets trapped, there’s no air conditioning, let alone any electricity to charge your phone or laptop. *EYE ROLL* You desperately want to cancel and chill out by the pool with a few adult drinks reading the hottest interior design magazine. Just as you’re about to add to the group message, you stumble upon a concept called “glamping.” What the heck is that?! According to Glampinghub.com, glamping is essentially glamorous camping where it’s more of a retreat than actual camping. In the images below, you can see that glamping really is pretty luxurious and something that you would probably be totally into!


Pretty amazing, right? The two pictured here both have ceiling fans and lighting in them, which is absolutely wonderful! It really looks like you could live here full-time. There’s so much space in both of these tents, that you could have a dinner party in here if you really wanted to! It reminds me of the Victorian Age when kings and other royalty would go along to the war camp sites where they would camp alongside their soldiers pretty luxuriously. Styles usually seem to creep back with time, and that’s what is going on here!

Let’s all come back down to reality, shall we? Glamping like this seems pretty spendy with the furnishings seen in the images above. If you’re on a budget, here are a few different examples of something that may be a bit more feasible for you.


Definitely a lot more simple than the first two examples! It looks like there’s not much for furniture other than what is needed to sleep comfortably: air mattresses and bed coverings, some soft rugs, a light chair, and some poofs for extra seating options. You can always add your own flare! Lights are such a great touch, especially at night. Most camping sites have electrical lines for campers to plug in anything they might need.

If you’re wondering what you might all need to bring on your next glamping trip, here’s our glamping essentials list:

  • Bed: Bed frame and mattress OR blow up mattress, comforter, blankets, pillows, throws – you can definitely get fun with this part!
  • Tent: Any tent that’s able to fit in a full bed will work perfectly, it doesn’t have to be anything super fancy!
  • Side table(s): simpler the better {especially if you’re travelling}, great for setting lamps or candles on, a place for drinks or books as well!
  • Side seating: perfect for lounging around or for bringing around the fire or just to enjoy the company around you!
  • Rugs: purely optional, but if you tend to walk barefoot, rugs are a great to have!
  • Other: fun string lights, lanterns, drink or serving trays, plates, glasses, picnic basket, drinks of choice, extension cords, phone chargers, etc.
  • Great company!


Camping is such a boring thing from the past. With glamping, you can be sure that you’re doing the whole camping thing in style! Everyone will be approaching your party intrigued by how clever you all were by bringing everything on our list here. Super cute, fun, stylish, and modern! Why would you ever go camping the old fashioned way again? Glamping is so in!!