Classy Tree Decor

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In a lull with your Christmas tree decor? Have the kids all left the house and you finally get to have your “pretty” tree? Did you just get your first Christmas tree and have no idea where to start with it? Well, we did some research for you on some classier tree decor that everyone will love.


The Classic:

Sometimes the original red and gold on a tree can really pull that “wow” factor from everyone. Red and gold can’t ever go out of style in terms of Christmas decorations; it’s just very timeless. Notice the different textures throughout the different ornaments and the ribbons. Different textures keeps the tree visually interesting. Another pointer is to make sure you vary the sizes of round ornaments. If all your ornaments are the same size, the tree begins to look very monotonous.






Black & White:

There’s something to be said for trees done up in black and white. Although they’re not for everyone, it’s minimalistic and modern, and very classy. I imagine not many people have ever really thought of ever having a Christmas tree with only black and white ornaments. They haven’t been seen very often – definitely more of a millennial-looking style. But if you look at the picture, it screams fashionable! Very matte ornaments, mixed with some glass create a very unique visual interest.






Silver & Gold:

Silver and gold will forever be a classic color combination for Christmas decorating. It’s glimmery, sparkly, and a favorite among many. The lights on the tree make each ornament shimmer more than they do on their own. It’s definitely very high on our list of favorite tree decorations!








Christmas Blue:

Blue Christmas decor seems to be a favorite among many people! Blue is a reminder of the sky or the snow, so we can see why it would be a favorite. Dress the blue up with some whites or golds for the perfect color scheme for your tree!








Whatever Christmas tree decor scheme you go with this year, we know it will be absolutely beautiful! Blend your tree decor in with the rest of your Christmas decor for a well-thought-out plan for the perfect scheme throughout your entire home. If you’d like to show us pictures, please feel free to show us how you chose to decorate this year!! Happy decorating!!



***Pictures are sourced from Pinterest searches based on colors***