Teal Lover’s Paradise – Virtual Design Reveal

Jodi Peterman DIY's, Fresh Finds, Residential

I cannot describe to you how excited I am to reveal this gorgeous living room! This client was such a dream to work with and already had such wonderful taste that designing the final touches was such easy process. As you may already be able to tell, this client is a big blue lover! With the use of neutrals throughout …

Neutral Paint Colors We Swear By – Sherwin Williams

Jodi Peterman DIY's

As designers, we love giving each client their own personal space that they can feel is unique and designed specifically for them. That being said, there are a few items we always come back to because we know they are safe and good matches for a variety of styles. Neutral paint colors are one of these items that we like …

January’s Inspirations & Indulgences

Jodi Peterman Fresh Finds

Good morning all, I hope your new year is off to a fabulous start! We ended last year, and started again this year, by designing our new storefront (coming to you Spring 2018). We were inspired by so many great designs we’ve done in the past and also some new things we’ve found along the way. In our store you’ll …

EED 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Elizabeth Erin Designs Holidays, New Ideas

It’s January 1st, which means everyone is making their New Year’s Resolutions. We wanted to step outside the box and get away from all the cliche resolutions and focus on one of our biggest design resolutions this year. Enjoy and follow us throughout 2018 to see how well we stick to these goals we made for ourselves!

Our Favorite Ways To Use Wallpaper

Elizabeth Erin Designs How To

When used properly, wallpaper can add so much to your home and tie everything together in a way that paint cannot. Keep reading to find out our favorite methods of using wallpaper! Making Unattractive Areas Shine We love using wallpaper in areas normally deemed unattractive or areas that normally take the back burner on your project list. Popping wallpaper in …

How To Keep Your Entry Clean This Winter

Elizabeth Erin Designs How To

The midwest has definitely blessed us this year in terms of the unseasonably warm weather; but, let’s get a jump on the ominous cold weather we all know is approaching. We are no stranger to the blistering cold and blizzard weather here in Iowa. One thing that does manage to escape some people’s minds, is how exactly to keep their …

Style Your Mantel For Fall

Elizabeth Erin Designs Seasonal

We know, this post is LONG overdue. However, with this simplistic style, you can mold this design into the holiday season that is soon approaching. Adding some plush stockings and a bit of garland is really all you’d need to transform this setting into a gorgeous winter scene. But, more on that next month; for now, let’s talk about styling …

Our 5 Major ‘Don’ts’ For Pillows

Elizabeth Erin Designs Tips and Tricks

Happy Monday again, everyone! Today we wanted to share something near and dear to our hearts. It’s not secret that we have a major pillow obsession; so, today we are talking about our five biggest ‘don’ts’ when it comes to the subject of pillows. I think you may just find a tip here or there that you hadn’t thought of. …