What’s In A Name?

It all started with a dream of having my own Interior Design company. In January 2003, that dream became a reality with a business partner in Hillsborough, New Jersey. In May of 2007, I assumed full ownership and renamed the company Elizabeth Erin Designs. The name of the company came from my beautiful twin daughters: Hanna Elizabeth and Sydney Erin. The combination of their middle names began “Elizabeth Erin Designs.” In 2008, I moved back to my home state of Iowa and brought the company along!

Why Choose Elizabeth Erin Designs?

“Designers should be sensitive to spaces, taking into consideration the exterior and interior architectural details, while pulling together a design that represents the people who live in them.”Jodi Peterman, Owner/Designer - Elizabeth Erin Designs

Achieving Your Vision

It all starts with a consultation, which includes a meeting with a designer to discuss your needs and expectations for your project. We do not impose our personal styles on our clients.

We then put together an interior design report that includes customized pricing options. An appointment is then scheduled to review your report and discuss options for moving forward.

At Elizabeth Erin Designs, our design professionals create a comfortable partnership with clients. We look forward to working with you to pull together a living environment that embraces your personal style through collaborative inspiration and imagination.

Meet Our Staff

Jodi Peterman

BS Merchandising Design and Production, Iowa State University
ASP Certified Home Stager

Lexi Sajovec

Assistant Designer
Iowa State University
CIDA Accredited Bachelors Degree
Interior Designs

Katie Smithart

Iowa State University
CIDA Accredited Bachelor’s Degree, May 2016
Interior Design

Beth Watson

Office Assistant
Iowa State University, 4 Years